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The most important feature and advantage of PPCM-650 is its user friendly software including a wide scope of standard macros representing the typical cutting shapes. Integrated library of macros allows for parametric definition of typical pipe joints and fast shape programming on-site directly from machines’ control panel just after a short training. Off-line programming is also possible by means of dedicated PPCM SIM PC software containing the same macros library. Pipe joints can be prepared remotely in the office to keep machine operating, increasing process efficiency and reducing downtime.

Machines’ Software

PPCM-650 software includes a wide scope of standard macros. The macros present the typical cutting shapes and are easily programmable thanks to intuitive menu with necessary pipe parameters.
Main features of PPCM SIM PC:

Cutting Pipes and Profiles

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Pipe cutting is carried out strictly according to the requirements of the technical assignment.
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